Complex of Buildings in the Courtyard of the Holy Spirit's Convent

Architectural monument of national significance.  Dates from the 13th - 19th century.
9/11 Kaleju Street

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The Courtyard of the Holy Spirit is situated in the Old City between Kaleju and Skarnu Street, on 9/11 Kaleju Street. The total area is 260 m2. Originally there was the castle of Sword Orden situated in this place; it was destroyed in 1297 when citizens of Riga managed to break into the castle. After the victory over the citizens the Orden required a new castle to build instead of the destroyed one. It was built on the banks of the river Daugava in the place of hospital of Holy Spirit. The hospital was removed to the former Orden's castle; later this place gained the name of the courtyard of the Holy Spirit's Convent.

The Convent was the institution established by Bishop Albert in 1220 as an almshouse to support disabled persons of all nations and from all ranks - they received shelter, food and medical assistance. From the 15th century, the Campenhauzen's alms-house or "undeutsche" alms-house was situated here, and the widows of the lowest citizen ranks stayed there. "Alms-house of the grey sisters" was situated in this Courtyard as well. The building was built in 1488 and rebuilt in 1860. The name "Alms-house of the grey sisters" was derived from the grey capes of the monks who lived there. In the late-seventeenth century there was passage introduced between Kaleju and Skarnu Street. The so called Holy Spirit' s passage.

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