Complex of Reformed Church and Surrounding Buildings

Architectural monument of national significance.  Dates from 18th - 19th century.
10Marstalu Street

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Reformants' Church dates back to 1721-33, it was built after the project of Kristofer Meinert. It is one-nave stone building with timber covering, high gabled roof and pediment towards Marstalu Street decorated with little tower with cupola and gallery. Unlike other churches, there is no cross or cock on the top of the tower, but a morning star instead. The fasade is decorated with pilasters on the high plinth. The sandstone entrance portal was made in Bremen and installed in 1737. The Reformants' Church was rebuilt in 1805 after the fire. The floor of the hall was rised to the level of the first floor, but the ground floor was used as warehouse premises.

Cultural Heritage of Riga