Building of Riga Latvian Society


Riga Latvian Society's activities were first dated in 1868 when a group of Latvian intellectuals, private employers and merchants joined together in a society. We can name some of Society's Members of Honor, popular public people - Kr.Barons, Kr.Valdemars, J.Vitols, V.Purvitis. Riga Latvian Society's activities covered investigations of Latvian history and folklore, teachers' meetings, Latvian theater had its origin within this society, the members of Society had hot discussions on Latvian orthography, etc.

The building of Riga Latvian Society was created by J.Baumanis, the first professional Latvian architect, in 1869. It was projected as an important Latvian culture center with premises for theater and concerts, etc. The building was rebuilt in 1909 by E.Laube and E.Pole. The decorative panel was made by J.Rozentals.


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