Heritage of Art

../R04/a09.jpg Monument to Liberty
Facade Decoration of the Dannenstern House
Camel's Portal
Facade Paintigs.   Riga Latvian Society
"Ecke's Relief".   22 Skarnu Str.
Balcony.   17 Skunu Str.
Gate.   Dome Church
Facade Decoration.   19 Skunu Str.
Relief "Christ".   1 Laipu Str.
Portal.   8 Miesnieku Str.
Portal.   10 Tirgonu Str.
Portal.   6 Biskapa gate Str.
Portal and door.   13 Vagnera Str.
Reliefs on Facade.   19 Marstalu Str.
Portal.   26 Marstalu Str.
Portal.   20 Kalku Str.

Finansed by:
Department of Culture
of the Council of Riga
Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science
of the University of Latvia