The  Latvian  Language 1.9K

The Latvian language belongs to Baltic branch of Indo-European language family. The Baltic languages are divided into Easter Baltic and Western Baltic languages. There are only two alive Baltic languages in nowadays - the Latvian and the Lithuanian language, both of them belong to Easter Baltic languages. There are 3 dialects in the Latvian language - the Central dialect, Tamian and the High Latvian dialect and more than 500 separate languages or dialects (512). These separate dialects are influenced by standardization, social and culture historical factors and are subordinated to the process of improvement and accommodation to literary standard language. The literary standard language has been developed on the basis of the Central dialect, Zemgalian language (dialect).

The Latvian language has its written form for about 400 years. There have been two orthography traditions since the World War II: - orthography used by Latvians in Latvia; - orthography used by Latvians abroad. Besides, Latgalian orthography tradition exists in the Eastern part of Latvia.

In spite of various contacts with other languages, the inner system of Latvian survives its stability. Latvian is described by complex grammatical system and conservatism to a certain extent. As to structure, Latvian is synthetically inflected language.

The graphical pictures of Latvian letters:

Aa aa.gif 0.1 KĀā aaaa.gif 0.1 KBb bb.gif 0.1 KCc cc.gif 0.1 KČč cccc.gif 0.1 K
Dd d.gif 0.1 KEee.gif 0.1 KĒē ee.gif 0.1 KFf f.gif 0.1 KGg g.gif 0.1 K
Ģģ gg.gif 0.1 KHh h.gif 0.1 KIi i.gif 0.1 KĪī ii.gif 0.1 KJj j.gif 0.1 K
Kk k.gif 0.1 KĶķ kk.gif 0.1 KLll.gif 0.1 KĻļll.gif 0.1 KMm m.gif 0.1 K
Nn n.gif 0.1 KŅņ nn.gif 0.1 KOo o.gif 0.1 KPp p.gif 0.1 KRr r.gif 0.1 K
Ss s.gif 0.1 KŠš ss.gif 0.1 KTt t.gif 0.1 KUu u.gif 0.1 KŪū uu.gif 0.1 K
Vv v.gif 0.1 KZz z.gif 0.1 KŽž zz.gif 0.1 K

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