Architectural Heritage of Riga from the begining of 20 century

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29 Blaumana Str.
24 Kalku Str.
11 Kr. Barona Str.
A Bank
Commercial School
National Museum of Arts
National Theatre
Riga Latvian Society
77 Tallinas Str.
2a Alberta Str.
2 Alberta Str.
4 Alberta Str.
6 Alberta Str.
8 Alberta Str.
11 Alberta Str.
12 Alberta Str.
13 Alberta Str.
Hospital Building
115 A. Caka Str.
117 A. Caka Str.
83/85 A. Caka Str.
10a Elizabetes Str.
10b Elizabetes Str.
13 Elizabetes Str.
33 Elizabetes Str.
41/43 Elizabetes Str.
Lutheran Church
Complex of Hospital Buildings
Romanova Bazars
1/3 Smilsu Str.
4a Strelnieku Str.

Finansed by:
Department of Culture
of the Council of Riga
Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science
of the University of Latvia